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Monica C. Montgomery started her business in April 2016 with the goal of using her talents and passion in Technical Writing to help others achieve their personal and business goals. Creating resumes and cover letters was the first service provided and as her expertise and skills improved, she expanded services to include grant writing, business plan development and business consultation to benefit the community around her and abroad. After leaving her professional career in the financial industry in March 2022, Monica continues to exemplify servant leadership by managing her business full time to meet the needs of her clients and community.

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"Raising Parents:
The Journey of Caregiving Amid Perilous Times"




To excel businesses with strategic planning that stimulates economic growth. 


We aim to assist business in properly structuring their foundation by identifying challenging areas to create effective strategic planning. Our purpose it to operate under the standards of honesty, integrity communication and collaboration in order to elevate businesses to their full potential and help them maintain stability. 


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