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Technical Writing Services


Copyediting services for websites and printed materials are essential for ensuring that your content is well-structured and flows smoothly with the appropriate tone and language for your target audience.

Resumes/Cover letters

It's time to access opportunities in your desired career field. Updating your resume to highlight qualifications and experience will open the door to promotions, career changes and higher salaries that you deserve. 

Newsletters, Blogs, product brochures, etc.

Let's help you create compelling and engaging content for your written communication needs. We have a professional writer that can work with you to develop content that is relevant and meets your business objectives.

Business Plans

A business plan defines a business model, assess market analysis, and identifies potential opportunities and threats. It also creates a realistic financial plan that includes revenue projections, cost estimation and funding requirements.


A proposal is a document that outlines a plan or solution to a problem that is often used to request funding, support or approval of a project. We're experienced in creating well written proposals using planning, research and attention to detail for your small business or non-profit.

Certified Notary Public

Don't have time to run to the bank or post office? Looking for convenience around your schedule? We'll come to you to notarize your important documents, time-sensitive documents. 

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