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"Maximizing Customer Value: Strategies for Expanding Your Business Services"

Wondering what's next for your business? Do you want more sustainability for 2024?

Consider expanding your offerings to build more revenue and remain relevant.

Your customers are always looking for what's new and innovative to satisfy their wants. Consumers look for convenience, relatability and simplicity when they shop either online or in person. Since consumers are always searching for the next best thing, be sure your business is staying on pace with the changing trends and habits. To maintain your strategic flexibility, consider expanding your products and services to continue meeting the needs of

your customers. For example, if you're an interior decorator you could sell original wall art or home decor items for online purchase. You get to expand your creativity while also meeting the needs/wants of your customer base.

How to expand products and services:

  • Survey your current customers and find out what they're aiming for when they shop online or the solutions to improve their experience.

  • Don't reinvent the wheel. Still focus on your business model, but offer more products/services that align with your expertise.

  • E-commerce is booming so consider setting up an online store or online course to maintain attraction.

  • Create a package. Upsell by including items that complement your base product/service.

  • Don't overthink it. Remember, your customers like simplicity!

Just write it down!

A lot of times we have great ideas, but we never write them down. Get in the habit of writing down ideas early in the morning, throughout the day or right before bed to let your creativity flow. Once they're on paper, you can brainstorm and plan the next phase of your business and reach your goals. Writing your ideas makes it easier to narrow down to the three best aspects that will push business forward.


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