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Let's Talk Risk Management

Quarter 3 is upon us, and we have to make sure all areas of our business is covered before the year ends. Financial, operational, and sales departments of business are the backbone of our business. To make sure these areas are performing at top levels, we have to incorporate financial automations, quality team members, and strong price models to keep business afloat. This also includes risk management strategies to help survive internal and external threats. Internal threats could include cybersecurity challenges, supply chain issues, or equipment failure. External threats could include changes to laws directly affecting small businesses, another pandemic, or natural disasters. 

Having a solid Business Continuity Plan with priority actions to avoid or manage internal and external threats could prevent on slowdown in business or even closure.

How To Manage Risks:

  • For supply chain management, have more than one supplies for your quality products so that whenever there’s an interruption, you’re not relying on one vendor.

  • Have efficient security software or a dedicated IT professional in place to protect sensitive data and customer files on your computer and/or tablet. 

  • Train your team on how to properly manage files and how to complete business tasks during an internet disruption, social media shutdown, or power outage.

  • Have an ethical and efficient accountant that will complete audits or cash flow analysis with you to determine savings fund. 

Do You Have Enough Business Insurance?

Some business/commercial insurance policies come with a level of protection against cybersecurity hacks. Talk with your insurance agent to find out your business insurance, cybersecurity, and equipment protection levels to help protect your business and reputation.

Don’t have an agent? Contact Tony Hodge at Allstate at (256) 809-1955 t

o get the coverage you need.

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