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"How to Secure Grant Funding for Your Business: Tips from Our Newsletter"

Applying for grants to fund your business takes time, but it's beneficial. Make sure your business is prepared to apply and receive grant funding to support your business needs.

More information below:

Are you prepared for grant funding?

Need some computers for your business? Looking for ways to fund a project in your non-profit? Not sure of where to look for options? Consider applying for grants since there is plenty of money available; you just have to request it. Grant funding is available for everything from hosting your first event to providing medical supplies to securing additional storage space. Take some time to learn about grants that are available for your business or organization and apply to those that match your needs.

Here are some ways to prepare for grant applications:

➢ Create a project: What problem do you want to solve? Tell us your WHY. Who will it

benefit? When will the project start? How will it be executed? These are the major

questions grant foundations want answered in order to make a decision. The goal is to

convince them on why they should give to your business/organization. Be sure to include

this in your proposal along with how much it will cost.

➢ Represent your community: Your clients need your service/product because you are

solving a problem. Innovation is out there to meet their needs and help run your business

efficiently, but it’s a huge investment. You know your target audience, know the market

demands, but are having a hard time staying in the race. Explain this in your proposal to

show how you make an impact in your community- whether it’s locally, electronically or


➢ Manage your expenses: Be sure to price everything that is needed for your project!

Marketing, supplies, electronics, community partners, venues, etc. should be priced to

give a realistic amount of how much is needed. This will help control spending and only

focuses on what’s important for executing the project and accomplishing a goal.

Foundations like to check in and see how grant funds were beneficial. Remember, they

want to see the result of their investment into your project and could lead to more future


Researching and apply for grants is not easy, but it is worth it! Though you will not be awarded every grant that you apply for, stay consistent and keep in mind the goal you want to accomplish.

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